Criminal Justice and Criminology, PhD

Criminal Justice and Criminology, PhD

Program Overview

The Ph.D. in Criminal Justice and Criminology program at Keiser University is designed to help criminal justice professionals take their careers to the next level, providing them with the skills and expertise they need to identify and solve complex challenges in public and private sector settings.

The online doctoral program is flexible and inclusive, accepting students with undergraduate or graduate degrees in criminal justice and related fields from regionally accredited colleges or universities. Students enrolling in the Ph.D. in Criminal Justice and Criminology program with an undergraduate degree will pursue coursework that enables them to obtain their Master of Arts in Criminal Justice while progressing through this program.

The Criminal Justice and Criminology doctoral degree program is offered in a fully immersive, online environment and features a relevant and responsive curriculum based on statistics, current knowledge, and emerging data. 

Students are required to attend two on-campus residencies.

Program Objectives

Keiser University’s Doctor of Philosophy in Criminal Justice and Criminology prepares students to:

  • Rigorously analyze and apply data with regard to specific demographics and broader trends
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to bridge existing gaps in research, policies, and programs in the criminal justice system
  • Conduct research and analyses focused on developing new solutions and actionable strategies aimed at improving the criminal justice system and its application
  • Implement policies and programs founded on a deep understanding of the ethics and principles underlying existing systems and emerging needs
  • Demonstrate advanced communication and negotiation skills to effectively serve diverse groups and populations

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the doctoral program will be prepared to assume advanced leadership positions in the criminal justice system, as well as positions in research, academia, and government.


This program is offered at the following Florida location:

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