Digital Forensics and Incident Response - Online

Digital Forensics and Incident Response - Online

Program Overview

Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) is an area of information security that applies forensic methodology and utilizes technology-focused techniques to examine data breaches, malware infestations, and other cybercrimes. DFIR professionals use techniques to detect compromised data systems, gather evidence related to a cyberattack, and implement this useful information to remediate and prevent future cybercrimes that affect businesses, organizations, and individuals.  

With an online Bachelor of Science in Digital Forensics and Incident Response degree from Keiser University, you can position yourself for an exciting, meaningful career as a cybersecurity and digital forensics professional. As new threats emerge, the need for skilled digital forensics and cybersecurity experts will continue to grow.

Keeping data safe from threats is essential for maintaining security at all levels of business and government. With a Bachelor of Science in Digital Forensics and Incident Response from Keiser University, you can set the stage for a successful, fulfilling future. To learn more about the degree program, contact a Keiser University admissions officer today.

This program is offered 100% online.

Program Objectives

The Bachelor of Science in Digital Forensics and Incident Response program prepares students to:

  • Apply emerging forensics techniques to investigate cyberthreats and gather data aimed at identifying threat sources
  • Stay abreast of emerging threats and evolving digital forensics technology
  • Identify potential risks and implement prevention strategies for businesses and private and public agencies 
  • Respond to cyberattacks using essential cyber solutions aimed at protecting organizations and their data
  • Apply the skills needed to analyze the legal considerations for investigating and prosecuting computer crimes to develop a forensic process that is defensible in court

Contact Keiser University today to learn more about our 100% online Digital Forensics and Incident Response program.

Online Flexibility

Keiser University’s Digital Forensics and Incident Response degree is offered 100% online. In addition to the continued student-support focus infused into every program, students benefit from the flexibility and convenience of pursuing their degree on a schedule that fits their busy lives.

Career Opportunities

Through hands-on simulations/exercises, coursework, and investigation experience, you’ll have the opportunity to investigate and analyze critical cybersecurity risks. Your career specializations may include:

  • Malware analysis and prevention
  • Internet of Things (IoT) risk management
  • Cybercrime investigations
  • Cyber incident response planning and management
  • Counterintelligence analysis and investigations
  • Cyber defense forensic analysis
  • Continual risk management technology planning
  • Breach response planning and mitigation program management


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